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What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an objective, visual examination of the condition of a home performed by a professional. Home inspections are a way to gain valuable information about the biggest purchase of your lifetime. Inspections help determine whether there are any major defects or system inadequacies before purchasing a home.

Home inspections can usually be arranged immediately to within a couple of days. The home buyer is encouraged to attend the inspection so that he/she can see first-hand the property they are interested in. Attending the inspection also presents the perfect opportunity to ask questions or address concerns related to the property.

The main purpose of performing a home inspection is to gain knowledge regarding perspective properties. These inspections provide a better understanding of the physical condition of a building, giving you the information needed to make a more well-informed decision. Home inspections should not be confused with a municipal code inspection, environmental audit, a home owner’s warranty, or an appraisal.

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A complete home inspection should cover all of the major systems of a house, including structure, exterior, roofing, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, plumbing, and interior. As a minimum, an inspection should meet the Standards of Practice of the National Association of Home Inspectors.

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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Home Inspections LLC

A home inspection is a visual process where all of the major components used within a home are tested to verify proper installation and operation. Doors and windows will be opened, toilets flushed, tubs filled, roof shingles inspected, HVAC systems examined, and much more. While performing these tasks, the inspector will be taking detailed notes and compiling an easy-to-understand inspection report. This report will be distributed to you after completion of an inspection.

New Construction Inspections

New Construction

New construction inspections are performed prior to showing potential buyers, but right after all construction is completed. The inspection should be scheduled not far from the final walk-through with the builder. Doing this will ensure that most, if not all, last minute items are completed and everything is ready to go prior to inspection.

Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspections


Warranty inspections are performed during the 11th month of your one-year Builder Warranty. The inspection is performed to verify that proper building techniques were used and that various components of the home function appropriately. At the end of your inspection, a comprehensive report will be distributed to you, along with digital photos.

Investor Property Inspections

Investor Property

Investor property inspections are completed before being purchased, as well as periodically during ownership. These inspections are performed to identify defects before taking ownership to establish repairs or price adjustments, reflecting the overall condition of the building. Periodic inspections for properties currently in your portfolio ensure that building maintenance is kept up, especially after a long-term resident leaves. Long-term tenants sometimes neglect to mention repairs and/or abuse that has occurred to the property during their stay. Identifying problems early is key.

Seller Certified Home Program (Pre-Listing Inspections)

Seller Certified

Listing inspections are recommended for the homeowner who may not know about the condition of their home. Many sales are canceled due to the buyer’s shock at the condition of the home. It may look great visually, but have deep-rooted technical, functional, or safety issues present without the owner knowing. Having the home inspected before placing it on the market is the best way to identify and either repair or disclose the issues found in a report. Repairing the items would be the most beneficial step towards completing the sale. However, there may be financial reasons that keep the owner from making said repairs. Disclosing concerns up front and pricing the home based upon that disclosure will often times produce a higher sale price.

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